Solidarity and Social Inclusion in Greece - GR08
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Ltd
The Programme supports the following predefined projects:
1.    Tackling poverty & social marginalization:  The project promoter is the Municipality of Athens and the maximum grant amount is 2.060.208€
2.    Supporting solidarity now: The project promoter is Solidarity Now and the maximum grant amount is 1.869.792€
The implementation of these projects will be done through the cooperation of governmental & non governmental organizations by :
        >    Establishing  a Solidarity Center in Frourarchio building in Athens, which will provide the financially deprived people residing in the area with free medical care, legal aid and employment assistance and other measures directed at vulnerable individuals and families  such as assistance to single mothers, day care for their children and a helpline.
        >    Strengthening and expanding the existing network of the Solidarity Hub in the municipality of Athens, by issuing 46,000 vouchers which will provide nearly 9,000 individuals with food and basic necessities for eight months.
        >    Through the work of social workers, offering accommodation and basic medical care to the most vulnerable on the streets, the HIV infected and the homeless.