The EEA Grants have a no-tolerance policy on corruption and mismanagement. The principles of openness, transparency and accountability are the main stepping stones for the EEA Grants policy of good governance. The National Focal Point has established a complaint mechanism capable of effectively processing and deciding on complaints about suspected non-compliance with the principles of good governance in relation to the implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

So, if you suspect mismanagement or corruption under the EEA Grants, please file a complaint and provide with detailed information the facts you are aware of. The case will be treated confidentially. Complaints filing agency at the national level for the EEA Grants is the National Transparency Authority. The National Focal Point (NFP), also acting as the Irregularities Authority, the Certifying Authority and the Programme Operators will forward any complaints to the National Transparency Authority.


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